Save System Overhaul! | Alpha v1.6

   Idle Miner clicker has just gotten the major overhaul to the save system, the whole system has been overhauled (Note: Past Saves Will Not Work.). The new system will give you a hash/code that you can save, instead of a cookie saved with the browser. 

   This will make it possible to transfer your saves easily from computer to computer, & so you don't have to mess around with the browser to get it to work. 
I also recently made a Twitter account. So feel free to message me there. 

   That's all for now, thanks for reading/playing and have a great day.


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Nice idea, but I cannot paste the code anywhere outside the game window because it only pastes a line break, so I can't actually export it. (Using Waterfox.)

EDIT: Oops, just noticed this was from last year and it's been on hold.


I'll work on an update whenever I get time. I've been busy with school work.

Thanks for the bug report!