Colonies: Uncharted Lands is a semi-simple 2d colony simulator. You need to protect your community with a large army while juggling growth and food production so see how long you can prosper..

Colonies: Uncharted Lands was a game made for the 271st weekly game jam. The theme was  Uncharted. 

Some game Info:

  • A farm can support 5 houses.
  • Lower Taxes make housing demand rise faster.
  • If the tax rate is above 25% people will slowly leave.
  • Soldiers Can't walk through builds (Most of the time, bugs do occur).
  • Stuff will not be built in sand or water.
  • The map is randomly generated.
  • You will only get raided if your population is greater then 50.
Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, Cute, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Procedural Generation, Retro, Top-Down, Tycoon, User Interface (UI)
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial

Development log


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Whenever I click a button to place something, the game freezes for between five and thirty seconds.

Strange. Is this during the early, mid or late game?

Right when I started.

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tutorial does not open, no idea how to play
edit: pressed play, nothing works

The Tutorial has been disabled because its not up to date. You can still play by clicking "Start".

After a few hours of grinding in total i've gotten to the point where i need to place like 2k silos to survive the winter, An idea of what could get added is mutli build, so i don't need to click alot

auto click

Man, this game is still hard! 


Please release an update to this game, this is my favorite game on

I've got something in the works. Not huge, but A save system, some new map generation, and some QoL things that will make the game look and feel cooler.

Also, maybe charts, if I have luck implementing charts.js. Might be an extra week or two for that.

I'm hoping the save system, map gen, etc will be out by this Friday, not sure though.

It's Here!!!

It's an great update! Would be cool to be able to build something more maybe like markets that could support the economy. and each market may need 10 population each to have enough workers to have it running.

Another cool thing would be some way to negoiate with the people attacking before, so maybe i could offer like 5,000 money to build an alliance and not get attacked and maybe possible to attack back.

Anyways, thanks for the update!


is there gonna be an update soon? Would be cool to have more stuff

Every time it is winter I lost all my food in the first 5 seconds even when I have tones of  Silos, so if there was a way to get food without farms it would eliminate the problem.

Yeah, there's a bug that makes food consumption about 200x higher than it should be. It will be fixed in the next update.


This is really cool! Nice job. Also, brad is dumb.

Another great game from JackPrograms as always! Been playing the game for like 2 days now spending a total of about 3-4 hours playing it in both school and at home. I really enjoy the game, but i've came to a point were the game is starting to get a bit boring. I'd recommend adding more things to the game to make it more fun.

Some ideas i had were:
* Maybe make so you can go around the map? since after i've reached everywere around the map, i am still able to purchase more land which i do, but i can't see the new land.
* Another idea were fishing, add fisheries near the water to earn fish, the fish could later on be eaten by the people or sold in markets. This could be a new income source for the game since i've had a problem with keeping enough food for my town during the winter.

* Save system, basically so your stats saves so you don't need to restart.
* Another cool thing would be graphs, so basically you could open like a stats tab were you would see stats along with a graph for example population

* Tourism would also be a cool feature for the game, Could be another income source

A few bugs i had while playing:
* Stats reseting whenever i reload the page

* Not being able to see my new land

Another question, What happens if you have enough food for your population?

Having food prevents people from leaving, and increases the rate of housing development.

The housing demand is higher when i don't have food compared to when i have, might be a bug. btw, what does housing development do and how much more can i increase the tax rate to when i have food?

Btw, do you have an discord server for this game?

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Not for the game, but one for all of my projects:

Thanks for playing, I'm working on another management game as of now, hopefully, it will be out within the next two or so weeks, no promises.

    In regards to updating this game. After my next game is published I want to rework the decor and add more map verity between rounds. Adding a larger multi-map system would be cool, along with a save system and more detailed stats.

Fisheries and tourism could be added, but I like the simplistic nature of the game. 

I don't have an ETA for any of these updates, but as I do with most of my games, they will come in batches. Anyway, Thanks for playing!

Would you be able to add a save system this week?

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I'll work on it.

Update: All Projects are on hold due to some IRL factors, They will resume sometime before the end of next week  When I get a chance. Sorry about that.


Deleted 1 year ago

The game is fun and a unique approach to a city builder / City management game. I appreciate the easy distinction between buildings and soldiers vs raiders. The simplicity of the design is one of its greatest strengths. The title card was very intriguing and I jumped right into the game without even reading the game info you provided above. Perhaps including these helpful hits in a splash page or prior to starting the game would be helpful for other thick headed gamers like myself. I look forward to following your project and cant wait to see what new Ideas you have in store. 


Yeah, I should work on a tutorial or something, I just didn't have time during the game jam to do it. I'll add it along with a better food & seasons system after the game jam is over.

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Update: Added a tutorial along with a seasons system.