Reactor Tycoon is a simple idle game. The game allows you to operate a nuclear reactor, manage safety concerns, reactor upgrades, and more! 

Let me know about the game so far below.

StatusIn development
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Tags2D, Management, nuke, reactor, Tycoon

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how do you get inf money

I think I'm safe from fines


the getting another reactor is too overpriced

I think it would be a good idea to remove the early wall (few minutes into the game)


there's a point where you're just saving up to get upgrades that aren't just the raise reactor capacity and reactor protocol upgrades.

oh boy i cant wait until i have a billon dollars

Can you tell me how you got inf $

When you get more than $9,007,199,254,740,991 I believe it says inf $


Thanks, also this game is great  


the game is a good tycoon, but it would be interesting to add more controls to the reactor, such as control rods, water/steam flow, etc.

Nice only concern is the addition of a pause feature so the game doesn't run in the background and you lose track of it. Otherwise good HTML5 game.


This may be late, but to pause you need to lower reactor speed to 0, this will stop events.

It is a cool game. You should make a game where you own an country. Get population and things like that.

I first played the game before the last few updates, where it was unplayable. 

Now the game is much more balanced, though I do reach the point of near infinite money and safety pretty quickly. I like the Idea and mechanics a lot, though I wish there were more events. 

I agree that more events would help the game out a bunch, if you care to suggest a few, id try to implement a few of them.

First of, I'd recommend adding a little tutorial. Just a "Move this left or right to adjust generation/safety." should be enough. First time I played I tried clicking and nothing worked and I was about to quit until I noticed I had to move it. Not my proudest moment there lmao.

Now to my event Ideas:

Social unrest events - People are demonstrating against the reactors being there, chance of being triggered by buying more efficency and also starting at a certain efficency height. "You had to hire security to keep away protesters, - [x Amount] of money spent."

Nature and weather events - A small chance of efficency loss after a storm, earthquake, vulcano erruption, alien invasion. Some might be for a few ticks only, others might be permanent. 

Gambling - A button you can click to gamble with your money. One attempt costs ~ $10 - $100, and you can either loose that money, maybe even more if you can buy multiple tickets at once, but there is a 1% chance of winning the jackpot, $100.000; and 20% to get your money back. Maybe 10% to gain like $500. Numbers may not be optimal.

Mom is calling. You forgot her birthday. $100 fine.

managed to Infinity the power output and NaN the safety factor. (would be better if the latter would lock into Infinity instead of NaN, as I'm getting fines when the safety factor is actually be much higher than needed)

maybe add a tutorial being thrown into the game can be a bit confusing 

Consider adding a final purchase to end the game so it doesn't just go on infinitely. Or perhaps add production/safety milestones.

Also, the radioactive danger warning doesn't seem to mean anything within the game. Maybe add consequences for having it be too high and have some upgrades that lower the danger rating.

Could you add an autosave or just a regular save button?

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Working on saving. Should be done by Wednesday.

Oh ok, cool!

additional reaction does not work, i can't buy it

I just tested it in the backend, it works without problem.

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Really Nice game. I say it's a lot better than the ones you made previously (not saying they're bad, just not as good as this project). One tiny suggestion would be to add a thing of some sort that will increase the amount of money you earn (such as investors that invest in your company, providing power to more towns, etc.). Other than that, really nice game.


The game has really improved, and the wider variety of events has made the game much easier. while it's much better, i still have some suggestions:

Events: "An employee had an idea on how to increase reactor efficiency" increases output

if your safety rating is incredibly high, the minimum will go down because you are showing how safe nuclear reactors are.

"Raised electrical needs due to holiday lights, Keep your output above [increase]" 

 "The holiday season is over, but still keep your output above [decrease]" you could probably make it so that you must have the previous stated event for this one to happen.

"a health inspector was exposed as corrupt and giving inaccurate ratings, keep your safety rating above [increase]"

Other things:

constantly display the minimum safety and output requirements

add some decoration to the game! All of the buttons being on a control panel, your output on an electrical reader, the minimum safety requirement being on a health inspector clipboard, the radioactive danger being on a Geiger counter, etc.

higher chance of getting decrease of safety requirement and output

maybe being able to make on certain events. i know that would be REALLY hard, but it would be a nice feature

a tutorial! took me a while to figure out what was happening, so that would be a good addition.

pause menu. again, i know that would be hard, but it's kind of annoying to have it running and not being able to stop it.

keep up the amazing work!


Definitely working on more events, 

Idk what you mean by "maybe being able to make on certain events."

For Pausing. Set your reactor to 0%, this will stop events & money-making. 

constantly displaying the minimum safety and output requirements it a good idea, will work on it soon.

i meant being able to make decisions. it would be really cool to see that in the game.




the "keep your output above..." events are broken, and there's a few typos, i assume this game was translated into english? but anyway, "improved sheleding" should be "improved shielding", "rase reactor capacity" should be "raise reactor capacity", but a fun game


For the keep output above, HTML had a fit about sizing I'll fix it asap.

Keep output above is still broken.
Also when it says "keep security score above 11" I can´t do anything, because the lower I get is 9.95 u.u

For, keep score above 11, underclock your core (its free and only lowers output by a small amt)

I haven't gotten around to fixing output.


keep output above events broke

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Yeah, I saw how sizing worked with that, ill fix that soon.



Hi! I think the game has a lot of potential but right now needs some changes, i always somehow get into a fine loop in all of my runs, and rare times get the "nothing notable" message. But besides that, great game dude! Keep going!!!


Incrementally getting further and further away from the ability to buy an upgrade. Not because I bought an upgrade like in any other incremental game.  But because fines exist no matter where you put the slider.  Incrementally moving towards 0 dollars and 0 ability to upgrade. Underclock enough to avoid safety fine, acquire underproductive fine. There is no sweet spot, just different ways to lose all funding.

Still working on rebalance, but for now you need to spend you money when you get it, if you save it the game becomes harder.


I have had this bug 3 times now, it will tell me to keep my power above a certain output and fine me for it, while my power is above said output level.


The power level needs to be above said level, not at said level.

uhhhhh when it asks for 81km and I am at 85km, not much more i can do

Idk about that, Send a screenshot if possible. Ill debug it later.

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Some suggestions for balancing:

make "nothing notable" more common. 

make it impossible for the minimum requirement is more than the safety minimum and vice versa

make it so that the minimum safety level/output requirement

make cheaper versions of the buttons, for example a "software upgrade" which increases safety, and is cheaper than the "improve protocol"

there is also a lot of misspellings; rase should be raise, noting should be nothing, addtional should be additional, saftey should be safety, and sheleding should be shielding.

Thank you for the feedback, I agree that "nothing notable" should be more common, and I'm also working on positive events. Spelling is a problem I'm also working on.


As others have said, this game does have the potential to be entertaining to play, the problem is the events are a bit whack to the point that it would frequently make impossible demands which pretty much soft lock you in a situation where improving would be impossible.

Maybe make the intervals between events last a bit longer, maybe make the escalation part take more time before it ramps up, maybe add boundaries and such so that the game doesn't suddenly ask you to do something impossible.


Note: when the random event jumps you to above 9.95 saftey restriction the game sets itself in a fine loop please fix

Working on rebalancing, I didn't have issues while play-testing so this is kinda out of the blue.


I tried two runs that were impossible, then came to the comments. This has potential but it definitely needs rebalancing.


Right from the get-go, game is entirely impossible. Output demand skyrocketed right alongside the safety requirement, before I could even make $100.


impossible: it raises safety demand beyond 9.95 long before you can even purchase the upgrades needed for that and even at 1% the fines are too steep to have any chance to purchase said upgrades

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The events are random, so there is a chance of a run being impossible. Though this happens less than 15% of the time.  Should have happened less than 15% of the time. It's now mostly fixed.